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HotSpring Spa Wavemaster 9200 Pump Domestic Only - 73023

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This Wavemaster® 9200 jet pump was used on the 2005-2006 Hot Spring Accolade, 2004-2007 Hot Spring Vista and the 2005-current Tiger River Bengal HP (MM model), 2005-2007 Tiger River Caspain and the 2004 Tiger River Siberian spa models. (73023)

MODEL YEAR Serial # Range
Accolade 2005-2006 AC-1G1001-AR-4H9999
Vista 2004-2008 SS-1F1001 to SS-4K9999
MODEL YEAR Serial # Range
Bengal HP 2005-now MM-1G1001-current
Caspian 2005-2008 CHP-1G1001 to CHP-4K9999
Siberian 2004 L-1F1001-L-4F9999