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What if I told you that with one simple salt-based additive, your pool or spa would become far easier to maintain, requiring less chlorine, fewer adjustments to pH, and results in water that not only is sparkling clear, but also helps to make your equipment lifespan last longer and even helps keep your skin moisturized?

Good news: It's real, and you can get it now. It's called Aquafinesse.

Aquafinesse is much different than any other water additive you may have come across; it's mainly made up of a mixture of seven different types of salt. That's what keeps your water soft and helps naturally moisturize your skin. Aquafinesse does not rely on caustic chemicals and generally does not have bad reactions with the most common pool and spa chemicals.

Aquafinesse works different than most pool and spa additives; it works by preventing bacteria from creating what's known as biofilm. Biofilm is essentially a big collection of bacteria that groups together and clings to the inside of your pipes and equipment, making it strongly resistant to sanitizing chemicals like chlorine or bromine. By breaking apart existing biofilms and preventing new ones from being formed, the sanititzer you're using becomes super-effective!

Because your sanitizer becomes more effective, you won't need to add as much of it to your water to keep your water sanitized. That means that your sanitizer isn't affecting the pH as much, which causes it to remain fairly stable.

Best of all, Aquafinesse also has a very powerful side-effect; it takes the minerals in suspension in your water and clumps them together until they are large enough to be caught by your filter. High concentrations of minerals are the most common reason for pumps and heaters to fail! That's why it's common practice to remove the water and refill your pool or spa. If you're just using Chlorine or Bromine an average hot tub needs to be drained and refilled every 3-4 months; if you're using Aquafinesse you can not only double that figure, but in most cases we see the mineral levels are low enough to keep them running with the same water for more than a full year!

What does this all mean to you? Adding Aquafinesse to your water maintenance routine will reduce the amount of time and effort you need to spend less time maintaining your pool and spa and more time actually enjoying it.

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