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Dimension One Vision Sanitizing System - 01512-261

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You got your spa to relax, so your maintenance system shouldn’t add stress to your life. The Vision cartridge for Dimension One Spas may just be the secret weapon you are looking for. Vision mineral cartridge is a proprietary, chemical free addition to your sanitation system using minerals to help your sanitizer work harder. Not only that, the Vision Sanitizing Cartridge allows you to drain your water half as often, saving you time and money. Using silver minerals, copper and zinc this cartridge, which is designed to lock tightly into your spa’s filtration system, increases the effectiveness of your sanitizer allowing you to use less of it, improving your bathing experience.


D1 Vision cartridge can be installed on spas with the following Ozone equipped Water Management Systems: Crystal Pure (Models 1989 - 1996), Crystal Zone (Models 1992 - Current Year), Clear Zone (Models 1998 to Current Year), UltraPure (Models 1996 to Current Year)


This universal cartridge replaces the following products: Pure Vision cartridge (01512-111), Ultra Vision cartridge (01512-112), Crystal Vision System-Complete (01512-77), Crystal Vision Cartridge (01512-80), Crystal Vision Basket (01512-79) and Crystal Vision Lid (01512-78).