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Dimension One U.V. Ballast - ('98-Current) - 01781-21

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Dimension One Spa's unique Ozone system works to break down and destroy impurities your spa filter has missed. Like with any mechanism, parts wear out and need replacing. The Power Ballast plays a big role in generating UV light, which in turn produces the Ozone that works to sanitize your Dimension One spa. Replacing the Power Ballast as needed ensures you will continue enjoying your Dimension One spa free of any bacteria, viruses, and impurities left behind by unwanted substances.

For the following spa models:

All Chairman Models
All Diplomat Models
Execuitive spas built until 1993
Ambassador spas built until 1991
1990 Baron
All Californian models
Elite spas until 1993
President spas until 1993
Seville spas built until 1995 and 2004-present
1994-1996 Colosseum
1994 Tempest
1995-1997 Luxxor
1996, 1997, 2000-present Aurora
1996-1997 Sedona
1996-1997 Taos
1996-1997 Tiburon
1998-present Nautilus
1997 Santiago
1998-2007 Aurora II
1998-2009 Chairman II
2000-2009 Triad II
2000-2011 Arena
2000-2002 Interlude
2000-2003, 2010-present Triad
2001-2003 Caliente
2002-2008 Aquafit 19 DT
2003-2006 Sarina Bay
2004-2006 Lotus Bay
2005-2006 Dupree Bay
2008-present Nautique