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Aquafinesse Spa All-Purpose Treatment Kit With Free Filter Cleaner

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Aquafinesse is the next generation of hot tub water sanitation systems. A single Aquafinesse Hot Tub Water Care Kit can keep your spa water clean, serene, and beautiful for as long as 12 months.

This kit comes with two 2-liter bottles of Aquafinesse solution, a measuring cup, and a sanitizer kit depending on the type of kit you choose; the granular chlorine version comes with a bottle and measuring scoop, while the tablet versions come with the tablets and a tablet dispenser.

The reason this kit is available with three different types of sanitizer is so that we can give you a customized experiance depending on how you like to run your spa. If you like to run your spa at the highest possible temperature, you will want to use the bromine tablet version of this kit. If you are the kind of person that uses their spa infrequently or just likes to have more control over their hot tub, you should choose the granular chlorine version. If neither of those apply, or if you just want to have the easiest possible experiance, just choose the chlorine tablets.