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Marquis Spas Circulation Pump 630-6330

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Used on the following spas:

(Please note that this only includes cc versions when there is an alternative. In other words, if your spa was not built with a circulation pump, you cannot simply add one.)

Compatibility: 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
Euphoria MTS x x x x x x
Reward MTS x x x x x x
Quest MTS   x x x    
Departure RS (cc version)     x x    
Voyage MTS x          
Voyage RS (cc version)     x x    
Destiny CS       x    
Secret MTS x          
Serenity CS (240v)       x    
Spirit MTS x x        
Spirit CS     x      
Spirit CS (120v)       x    
Retreat MTS x x x      
Mirage MTS x x        
Mirage RS     x      
Destiny (120v)     x      
Destiny (240v)     x      
Oasis MTS   x        
Oasis CS     x      
Crossing MTS x