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HotSpring Spa FTG Bleedline White

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This nipple is glued into a pvc fittings and various places on a Hot Spring & Tiger River spa. Simply drill out the broken 1/4" barbed fitting with a 19/64" drill bit (or letter "M" size). Then glue this replacement into the drilled out hole using regular PVC glue found at most hardware stores. A bleedline is critical in preventing a Hot Spring from developing an "air lock" and burning up the heater and/or circulation pump. It is also connected on the backside of the Moto-Massage niche (housing) on the Hot Spring brand spa which enables the spa's airlines to drain out when the spa is drained. A bleedline is critical in a Hot Spring especially at the circulation pump and its related plumbing. Here's why: Once a Hot Spring spa is energized after refilling, you're meant to immediately turn on the jet pump. One end of the heating systems plumbing is a 1/4" bleedline. It is connected to the front of the jet pump (suction side) and the other end is connected to the small circulation pumps plumbing. The bleedline will act like a straw and suck air out of the heater, circulation pump and its related plumbing so they can quickly fill with water and prime.