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HotSpring Spa 2-position Diverter Valve Kit 1998+

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This 2-position Smart Jet Diverter Valve (3 and 9 o'clock) is located under the diverter lever on the top lip of the spa. Its purpose is to divert water to different jet combination's when you rotate the lever from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock. Replacement is necessary only if the valve lever becomes too difficult to turn or begins leaking. This is the correct kit for Hot Spring 2005-2006 Accolade, 2000 Hot Spring Classic, 2004-2007 Hot Spring Envoy, 1998-2007 Hot Spring Grandee and Hot Spring Jetsetter, 1998-2003 Hot Spring Landmark, 2002-2007 Hot Spring Prodigy, 2002-2003 Hot Spring Sovereign ILE (Limited Edition), 2004-2007 Hot Spring HP Sovereign, 2001-2007 Hot Spring Vanguard and 2004-2007 Hot Spring Vista. Also the Tiger River 1998-2007 Sumatran, 2000-2004 Tiger River Siberian and the 2003-2007 Tiger River Caspian spa models.

Accolade AC-1G1001 to AC-3H9999 2005-2006
Classic F-1B9999 to F-4B9999 2000
Envoy KK-1F1001 to KK-4J9999 2004-2007
Grandee G-181001 to G-489999 1998
Grandee G-1A1001 to G-4J9999 1999-2007
Grandee GG-3G1001 to GG-4J9999 2005-2007
Jetsetter J-181001 to J-489999 1998
Jetsetter J-1A1001 to J-4J9999 1999-2007
Landmark S-181001 to S-489999 1998
Landmark S-1A1001 to S-4E9999 1999-2003
Prodigy H-2D1216 - H-4J9999 2002-2007
Prodigy HQ-2D1216 - HQ-4E9999 2002-2003
Sovereign ILE-1D1001 to ILE-4E9999 2002-2003
Sovereign II-1F1001 to II-4J9999 2004-2007
Vanguard V-1C1001 to V-4J9999 2001-2007
Vanguard V V-1G1001 to V V-4J9999 2005-2007
Vista SS-1F1001 to SS-4J9999 2004-2007


Sumatran N-181001 to N-489999 1998
Sumatran N-1A1001 to N-4J9999 1999-2007
Siberian L-1B1001 to L-4F9999 2000-2004
Caspian CPN-1E1001 to CPN-4E9999 2003
Caspian CHP-1F1001 to CHP-4J9999 2004-2007