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HotSpring Spa Wavemaster 7000 version 2 Domestic Only

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This is the second version of the Wavemaster® 7000 jet pump. It was used on the 1995-1996 Hot Spring Grandee and Hot Spring Sovereign models and the 1995-1996 Hot Spring 220volt only Sovereign model. Also the replacement for most of hot tubs that had the now obsolete Jet Pump 36070.

This pump may come pre-configured from the factory for either a 120volt or a 230volt operation. To change the voltage simply turn the voltage selector that's located on the rear of the pump.

MODEL YEAR Serial # Range
Grandee 1995-1996 G 251479 to G 469999
Sovereign 1995-1996 I 251816 to I 469999
Sovereign (220v) 1995-1996 IH 251085 to IH 469999