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HotSpring Spa Diverter Valve Kit 94-97

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This diverter valve (SmartJet®) is located under the diverter lever on the top lip of the spa. The purpose of the Smart Jet diverter is to divert water to different jet combination's when you rotate the lever or dial. Replacement is necessary only if the valve lever becomes too difficult to turn or begins leaking. This is the replacement valve kit for 1994-1997 Hot Spring Classic, Hot Spring Grandee, Hot Spring Jetsetter, Hot Spring Prodigy and Hot Spring Sovereign, the 1995-1996 Hot Spring Summit, 1994-1996 Hot Spring Highlife and 1995-1997 Hot Spring Landmark spa models. Also used on the Tiger River 1994-1996 Khyber, Tiger River Manora, Tiger River Tondi and the 1997 Tiger River Bengal, Tiger River Siberian and Tiger River Sumatran spa models.

MODEL Serial # Range YEAR
Classic (F & FQ) F-141001 to F-479999 1994-1997
Grandee (G & GQ) G-141001 to G-479999 1994-1997
Highlife K-141001 to K-469999 1994-1996
Jetsetter (J & JQ) F-141001 to F-479999 1994-1997
Landmark (S & SQ) S-151001 to S-479999 1995-1997
Prodigy H & HQ) H-141001 to H-479999 1994-1997
Sovereign (I & IQ) I-141001 to I-479999 1994-1997
Summit R-151001 to R-469999 1995-1996
Bengal (M & MA) M-171001 to M-479999 1997
Khyber (L, LA, LH) L-141001 to L-469999 1994-1996
Manora (M, MA, MH) M-141001 to M-469999 1994-1996
Siberian L-171001 to L-479999 1997
Sumatran (N & NA) N-171001 to N-479999 1997
Tondi N-141001 to N-469999 1994-1996
Tondi (P & PH) P-151001 to P-469999 1995-1996