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HotSpring Spa '95-'02 High-Limit

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HotSpring Spa '95-'02 High-Limit. The high-limit thermistor sensor is a safety device designed to communicate with the system and will shut down the heater if the water temperature exiting your heater exceeds 118 degrees F. It simply screws into the No Fault Heater Housing (hand tight only) and then plugs into the side of the spas control box. It's found on the 1995-2000 Hot Spring Classic, 1995-2002 Hot Spring Grandee, Hot Spring Jetsetter, Hot Spring Landmark, Hot Spring Prodigy and Hot Spring Sovereign. It is also on the 1995-1996 Hot Spring Highlife, 2002 Hot Spring Sovereign ILE (Special Edition) and 2000-2002 Hot Spring Vanguard. This thermistor is also found on the Tiger River 1995-1996 Khyber, Tiger River Manora and Tiger River Tondi as well as the 1997-2002 Tiger River Siberian, Tiger River Bengal and Tiger River Sumatran models.


Models Serial # Range Years
Classic F 151001 to F 4B9999 1995-2000
Classic (230volt only) FH-151001 to FH-469999 1995-1996
Classic FQ 151001 to FQ 4B9999 1995-2000
Grandee G 151001 to G 2D1251 1995-2002
Grandee GQ 151001 to GQ 2D1251 1995-2002
Highlife K 151001 to K 469999 1995-1996
Jetsetter J 151001 to J 2D1257 1995-2002
Jetsetter JQ 151001 to JQ 2D1302 1995-2002
Landmark S 151001 to S 2D1110 1995-2002
Landmark SQ 151001 to SQ 2D1226 1995-2002
Prodigy H 151001 to H 2D1249 1995-2002
Prodigy HQ 151001 to HQ 2D1334 1995-2002
Sovereign (230volt only ) IH-151001 to IH-469999 1995-1996
Sovereign I 151001 to I2D1473 1995-2002
Sovereign IQ 151001 to IQ2D1554 1995-2002
Sovereign Limited ILE 1D1001 to ILE 2D1344 2002
Vanguard V 1C1001 to V 2D1315 2001-2002
Vanguard VQ 1C1001 to VQ 2D1363 2001-2002
Models Serial # Range Years
Khyber / Siberian L 151001 to L 2D1354 1995-2002
Manora / Bengal M 151001 to M2D1942 1995-2002
Sumatran N 171001 to N 2D1530 1997-2002
Tondi P 151001 to P 469999 1995-1996

Note: Symptom of this part failing is a flashing red "Power" light on the Hot Spring & Tiger River control panel or on the control box of the 1995-1996 Tiger Rivers. This thermistor is smaller in diameter than the Control Thermostat Thermistor (38415 ). It screws into the port (hand tight only) marked "outlet" on the PDR replacement heater. Typically, when one thermistor needs replacing the other is close to failing as well and should be replaced at that same time. Thermistors have a reliable lifespan 6-8 years or so.





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